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Marina Rules and Regulations:

All use of property in the Marina and all conduct of persons in the Marina shall be in accordance with the provisions of these Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations shall apply to each Tenant and the respective families and guests, employees, contractors, agents and invitees of any Tenant. 

“Marina” shall mean and include all Common Areas of Customs House Marina including the Marina and shall also include the surrounding waters of the Hampton River.

“Landlord” shall include duly authorized representatives or agents of the designated Landlord, including the Property Director.

“Tenant” shall mean any person leasing a slip or other space in the Marina including tenants and subtenants of buildings and spaces therein.

“Common Areas” shall mean the parking lot, drive aisles, piers, docks, bulkheads, public dock space and walk ways within the Marina.

1. The rules of the road and the navigation laws of the United States shall apply to all vessels in the Marina.

2. No boat shall be operated so as to cause a wake in the Marina.

3. Neither Landlord nor any agent of Landlord shall be responsible for loss or damage to vessels in the Marina. Each owner of a vessel shall be responsible for damage to other boats in the Marina and for damage to any Common Areas or facilities (including, without limitation, docks, pilings, piers and bulkheads) of the Marina as a result of any actions by his vessel.

4. All vessels mooring in the Marina shall carry liability insurance against damage to persons or property with such limits as the Landlord may from time to time establish, and the owner thereof shall, upon request of Landlord, furnish appropriate evidence that such insurance is in full force and effect.

5. All vessels mooring in the Marina must be seaworthy, fully sound, in insurable condition, in compliance with all local, state and federal safety regulations, and capable of getting underway within one hour after notice. It is the responsibility of the vessel owner to keep his vessel in such condition that it does not become unsightly or in the opinion of Landlord reflect unfavorably on the appearance of the Marina.

6. All vessel owners shall furnish Landlord, prior to mooring, with (a) information from current Documentation Certificate or Registration Card, and (b) the name and home and business address and telephone number of the owner of the vessel (and master of the vessel if different from owner).

7. In order to maintain proper security procedures for the Marina and to prevent unauthorized use of mooring slip, Tenant shall furnish Landlord with the name and registration number or document number of Tenant’s vessel. Any vessel with respect to which Landlord has not been furnished such information may be refused access and/or granted moorage at current transient rates, either in the Tenant’s slip or elsewhere as Landlord may determine.

8. Transfer of vessels between slips or from one slip to another is not permitted, except with the prior written approval of Landlord.

9. Tenant is responsible for mooring and maintaining the security of its vessel.  All vessels shall be moored in berths in a manner acceptable to Landlord, or shall be removed from the Marina. In the alternative, Landlord, after notice to the owner of a vessel, will moor vessels and assess a service fee. Only one vessel may be moored in a Slip. No vessel may overhang any mooring space without the prior approval of Landlord.

10. Fueling of a vessel in any slip is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All fueling must be done at a designated fuel dock.

11. Routine maintenance may be accomplished while in the slip, but only with the express approval of Landlord. However, no major maintenance, such as spray painting, engine removal or any action that might induce irreversible flooding or any major topside conversion work may be undertaken while the vessel is moored in the Marina, except to the extent expressly approved in advance in writing by Landlord. Any vessel which may sink in the Marina shall be immediately removed by the owner thereof.

12. All vessels shall be properly maintained and kept in a clean and orderly condition insofar as the exterior appearance thereof is concerned. No laundering or drying of laundry is permitted on any deck or rigging of any vessel or on the Common Areas.

13. All shore power connectors for any vessel shall be properly sized to be equal to or in excess of that required for service requested.

14. Only a Tenant and those expressly authorized by Landlord may use the water and electrical power service provided to Tenant.

15. Water conservation shall be practiced at all times. All water hoses shall have nozzles and shall be turned off when not in use.

16. Oil, gas, spirits, paints, inflammables and other substances which are deemed pollutant substances under the provisions of any state or federal law may not be discharged into the Marina waters or on the docks or Common Areas. No discharge of sanitation effluent is permitted on the Marina. Tenants are responsible for all spills of any petroleum, other pollutant or other prohibited discharge.

17. No explosive or other hazardous materials of any nature may be stored in the Marina or on any vessel except (a) for fuel within Coast Guard approved tanks in a vessel and (b) lubricants and normal cleaning materials used in the ordinary course of operation.

18. All Common Areas shall be kept clean at all times. Storage of loose gear on the Common Areas is not permitted. Hoses and electrical power lines shall not cross piers, docks or walkways. The finger pier between slips is for the use of the vessels on each side, and location of private gangways should be governed accordingly. In no case may a single gangway block access to another vessel.

19. All supplies, materials and accessories shall be stored on the tenants boat and no paint and other flammable substances shall be stowed.

20. Dock boxes are not allowed on the piers.

21. No structure may be erected on any of the Common Areas. Any additions or changes to any of the Common Areas is expressly prohibited.

22. No crab pots are permitted from any Common Areas or from boats in the Marina. Crabbing and fishing are permitted, unless permission is revoked by the Property Director.

23. Cleaning of fish, shell fish and game is prohibited in the Common Areas in the Marina.

24. Swimming from vessels, piers, docks or bulkhead is prohibited.

25. Open fires are expressly prohibited on any vessel moored in the Marina and on any common area in the Marina.

26. No refuse (including cigarette butts) shall be thrown overboard or in the Common Areas. All garbage shall be securely wrapped, tied in plastic trash bags and deposited in receptacles supplied for that purpose, and other debris placed where specified by Landlord.

27. All persons shall reduce noise levels between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Unnecessary noise shall be avoided at all times.

28. All persons shall conduct themselves courteously, in compliance with all laws and so as not to constitute a public nuisance.

29. No advertising or soliciting is permitted on any vessel or any of the Common Areas within the Marina.

30. No sign, advertisement or notice shall be exhibited, described, painted or affixed on any of the Common Areas. No sign, advertisement or notice shall be exhibited, described, painted or affixed on any vessel and any Slip or other mooring space of the Marina except for a sign reasonable in size approved by Landlord which may advertise the vessel for sale or charter.

31. Restrooms

All restroom usage shall be in accordance with the following provisions:

(a) Only authorized users having key or card access may utilize the restrooms after hours.
(b) Restrooms may only be used for their intended purpose.
(c) No smoking, drinking or other activity other than that consistent with the normal use of a restroom may be conducted in said restrooms.
(d) Each user of the restrooms is expected to comply with customary sanitary practices including flushing of commodes, clean up of unusual dirt, removing all personal items and utilizing trash disposal otherwise appropriate in a restroom. Other discardable items are to be deposited into dumpsters elsewhere in the common areas.
(e) Only tenants and their personal guests are authorized to use the restrooms when they are unlocked.

Any violation of these premises or other improper use of the restrooms will result in revocation of rights of said tenant and tenant’s invitees.

32. Pets

No pets will be permitted in any Slip or the Common Areas except subject to the following conditions:
(a) Only domestic pets shall be permitted.
(b) All pets shall be kept sufficiently under control at all times so that they will not become a nuisance to the owners or occupants of other slips.
(c) All pets must be licensed as may be required by law.
(d) No more than two domestic pets will be permitted for any Slip except with the approval of the Landlord.
(e) All pet owners shall be responsible immediately to remove and clean up any mess created by their pet in any portion of the Common Areas.

33. Motorcycles and bicycles shall not be ridden on docks or piers and shall be parked in designated parking areas.

34. There shall be no boat trailers, campers or recreational vehicles in the parking lot. 

35. All persons in the Marina shall observe all speed limits, no parking and other designated signs with respect to vehicles and access by persons.

36. Landlord reserves the right to restrict use of parking available to Tenants of slips and/or mooring space in the Marina and to impose time and/or location limits on such use.

37. Landlord may at any time require the immediate removal from the Marina of any vessel in violation (or whose owner, owner’s guests, agents, employees or invitees are in violation) of these Rules and Regulations and may have any such offending vessel (or vessel of any offending owner, or such owner’s guests, agents, employees or invitees) removed at Tenant’s expense.

38. Landlord may enforce such reasonable system of fines and/or cost reimbursement and/or lease termination for infractions of these Rules and Regulations as the Landlord may from time to time adopt subject to such procedures with respect to enforcement as the Landlord may from time to time adopt.